Research & Development

Pushing the envalope of SAAS Development PAAS within AWS IAAS DevOps and Automation

Blackswan Solutions is committed to research and development to further our efforts in the area of SAAS development, PAAS in the AWS environment and IAAS utilising best practise DevOps and automation techniques.

Research Services

We have the ability to support development with feature feasibility research, tool/approach/protocol research and where necessary legal reverse engineering.

With Reverse Engineering being one of our core competences, Blackswan Solutions is able to cover all research stages of the software development life cycle.

Closing the Research-Practice Gap

There is, on the whole, a significant gap between research and practice. Each has a reputation for requiring a different knowledge or skill set and therefore each tends to draw a different type of individual.

Our goal at Blackswan Solutions is to probe technological boundaries with the core focus being to produce new insights which can in practise be applied to our services and general code-base.